Corporate Information Environment Policy

We, NIHON KOHNETSU INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., meet the needs of the customers throughout developing, designing, manufacturing and maintaining of industrial furnace, casting equipment and forging equipment.
We push forward continual improvement of our business activities considering the environment with contribution of local communities, global environment and aggressive challenge of our employees’ affluent, healthy life.

We effort compliance and prevention of environmental pollution. Also we especially establish the following slogans for our business activities and all our employees make effort to achieve.

  • We develop high performance and efficient equipment so that we can contribute to save energy and resources.
  • We take the environment and the safety policy into consideration for manufacturing and after-sales service.
  • We eliminate UNREASONABLE, UNEVENESS and UNUSEFUL of our all operations and realize such an office as to be good for the environment and the employee.

The 1st of March, 2016
Nihon Kohnetsu Industrial Co., Ltd.
Takehiro Sakai


Environment Policy

Certificate of resistration for ISO14001 is received.

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